Relationships are always formed over time and always have some basis on which it is built. When a baby is born or brought into a family, he or she is bonded to the family that already has been built based on certain values, traditions and beliefs. There is no choice of who one wants to be related to. One cannot choose their parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents. It is up to you to decide how you want to nurture a relation and develop it. Your parents or grand parents may not be perfect people, may not have the qualities that you expect them to have – but that is the place you belong to even if you may not like it. You can add or make changes to the traditions in the family successfully if you approach with love for all involved. I wouldn’t know who I am if I didn’t have these awesome people around me!

Friendships are the relationships you build from scratch. There is a lot of choice, room for improvement and option of dropping out. It is my observation that people make friends and maintain them on the basis of a variety of reasons. Admiration, Respect, Obligation, Sympathy, Common enemy, Gratitude, Common interests, Share similar values – just a few of the reasons. Almost all the relationships have a combination of one or more of these factors. Even in a closely knit group of friends you have, every friend has a different place in your heart.

In short, all relationships are fake beyond a point and the connection you make with yourself is the one and only real one!

I looked at my vast list of friends and was amazed how I was categorizing them in my mind as I approached each one for an interaction. Nonetheless, I value all of my relatives because they were given to me by Him, value all of my friends because it was ME who chose them.

I love Myself the most than anybody else.

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