Why Not?

I was listening to an energetic speaker Toni Newman in a dinner meeting yesterday. I thoruoughly enjoyed her presentation which could not be any simpler, but highly thought provocative. She succeeded in convincing the audience to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of the people they come into contact with.

According to Toni you either belong to “Why” or “Why Not” category. She presented a lot of her ideas through the examples of her real life situations which were humorous as well as challenging at times. Listening to Toni reiterated my belief that you always have the opportunity to make a difference. You can either chose to be the “Why” personality or the “Why not” and make a difference.

Toni has challenged all of us to do one “Why Not” thing in the next three weeks and be innovative. I have a new perception of the words “Different” and “Innovation”. I will definitely be looking for an opportunity where I can make a difference and be the “Why Not” person.

I will be very interested in hearing your experiences of being the “Why Not” and how you succeeded in such situations. What kind of innovations have you supported in your work or non-work life? What innovative ideas have you come up with?

Visit http://www.toninewman.com/ to learn more about Toni Newman and her ideas.