Wedding Musings

Those who did not attend missed the huge decorated welcome sign at the entrance. The band in their red uniform played different tunes each time to welcome each and every guest – they missed that. The beautiful ladies all decked up walking you to the welcome drink counter and seating you comfortably in the air conditioned hall was a big miss. Once seated, your eyes would be drawn to the stage arrangements with fresh flowers and tassels. Both sides of the stage was decorated with all kinds of shiny things -what the bride will be taking with her to her new home to start her new life. Those who did not attend missed this feast for eyes. The beautiful ladies will appear again and lead you into the dining hall. Had you attended, you would have fainted at the dining hall just by looking at the sheer amount of food varieties being served. Free meals and unlimited buffet with this much variety – you missed it. The two day event was planned so impeccably and attention to details was irrefutable. If you had attended the event on second day also, you would have realized that the stage decor was changed every time the bride changed and matched her wear.

Damn, they missed the whole affair!

Those who attended were awe struck at the scale of the event itself. They congratulated the organisers in person for such an enjoyable event after repeatedly congratulating them many times in their minds. Guests took multiple servings of food, force fed their kids, suggested their preferences to their friends. The dozens of photographers and videographers capturing every moment did not bother anyone. The musical night was enjoyed by one and all. Most of the people took to the opportunity and danced with the peppy tunes. Many guests noted down the details to incorporate that for their upcoming events. Some of them literally cried out of pain that they couldn’t conduct an event like this. Some of the guests pulled the bride aside and took selfies – they really liked the neck design of the blouse and the pattern of long chain she was wearing. What a neat way to capture that for future reference. Many guests who had not planned initially to attend the second day made some adjustments to their schedule and decided to take part in the festivities.

Its totally worth it!

Those who attended enjoyed everything that was arranged for them dutifully and did not miss much. Oh well…… maybe love, warmth, affection and hospitality of the hosts. But…. who cares? The hosts will have to wade through their albums and videos to see if a particular guest attended the event, because there was no personal interaction. The most important people on the stage dressed up in all gear looked gloomy, uninterested, bored and sleepy. They had arranged beautiful ladies to attend to all your needs. What more can you ask for?



Recently, I had a friend and his family visit us at our house.  He came with his wife, children and his mother-in-law.  Usually, when someone mentions that the mother-in-law is also accompanying, the “drinks” go missing and the hosts become extra nice to please the old lady. But we had a different experience.

Auntie was really nice and started chatting with me. We talked about the kitchen settings, equipments, children etc.  She mentioned that she is a writer and has published some novels.  She gave me company in the kitchen to make rotis. Later, she mentioned about her blog and her pen name for her blogs. Suddenly, it struck me – I have been following her blogs and was a regular reader!!! I used to devour her blogs which were  narratives of everyday incidents merged with some of the author’s viewpoints on them. I certainly did not agree with auntie on all her viewpoints. As I understood from her stories, she had single-handedly raised her children and was very proud of it.

Anyway, the dinner went well and everyone seemed to have enjoyed.

One week later, I remembered to check Auntie’s blog again for new entries. Of course, there was a new post and it was about hygiene. I started reading and into the third paragraph……she was talking about one of her recent visits to a friends place. The host was making rotis just before dinner time. Just then their toddler started crying and wanted to help the mother. The mother allowed the toddler to play with the dough with dirty hands, let the toddler flatten the dough and pass it on to the mother to cook it. She found it absolutely gross and totally skipped the rotis during the meal.

It was an absolute shocker to me. She was talking to me non stop and had followed me into the kitchen. My daughter was bored, hungry and wanted to be fondled. She asked if she could help me with the rotis – so sweet of her – at the tender age of six. I made sure she washed her hands and didn’t spoil the dough. Also, I made the rotis in an electric roti maker to minimize cooking time (less ‘hand’ling also). At the dinner table, auntie had declared that her teeth are not strong enough to chew and digest the rotis. I was happy that I had planned other options also.

Never thought I would become such a contrived ‘subject’ of one of my favorite bloggers. Some of the common friends realized that auntie was describing the dinner at our place. I was so relieved when they asked me to let it go because they have also been ‘subjects’ before and tortured like me!!!!